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We bring a fresh and dynamic approach to human performance improvement and instructional design. With a wealth of experience spanning various sectors, including restaurants, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and K-12 education, we have the knowledge and skills to meet your unique challenges head-on.

Harnessing the Power of Learning Science

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of learning science. We believe that understanding the latest research and trends in the field is crucial for creating effective and impactful learning experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge learning methodologies, we develop high-quality solutions tailored to address your specific pain points and L&D needs.


One activity used to build interactive and engaging learning is simulation. For this client, we built a short simulation for each module where the learner was able to practice the skill in a low-stakes, but hyper-realistic environment.

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Learning is not something that is accomplished soley by taking a course whether in-person or online. We know that the best way to improve transfer of knowledge from learning activities to on-the-job is to provide multiple learning opportunities and support when the formal learning module has ended. This client requested an overhaul of their onboarding. We converted their current training to match the learning culture in the United States from their corporate headquarters in Japan, built the eLearning program in a tool that encourages just-in-time learning, and developed job and learning aids to provide support after the formal training.

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Multi-media is an important part of effective learning & development programs. We understand the importance of using multi-media in a way that supports the learner and not distract them. We utilize current best practice and software to create animations, design graphics, and edit videos for our clients. This client wanted a video explainer for parents of children who she taught in group classes. We designed a simple, child-like animation series to supplement the content learners covered in those group classes.

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With a Masters Degree in Learning Design and Technology and nearly a decade of experience in instructional design and learning facilitation, Jack Pine L&D is here to support your business by being your Learning & Development expert. We understand the struggles with retaining employees, improving human performance to meet business goals, and managing the day-to-day of Learning & Development. We work with companies who don't have any learning and development department to those that have large departments but need some extra support for a big project.

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Mikkel quickly and beautifully translated my message into beautiful clear visual messages. I am delighted!!!! See at LoveMyFeelings on YouTube.

Amy Donnan-Neppl
Language of the Heart

Mikkel delivers solid, rigorous, standards based instruction. He designed new courses for our school, including a total PK-12 Music Curriculum alignment…

Bill DeWitt
ISD 166

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