Wired for Success: Onboarding with Software Simulations in the Electric Industry


The Challenge

Titan Electric recognized the need to standardize task performance across the company to improve efficiency and reduce confusion among employees. Multiple procedures were being taught, leading to frustration and inconsistency. Our role was to collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the organization to gather information and identify the procedures that the leadership team desired to establish. We were then tasked with designing and developing onboarding training in Articulate Storyline and set up a LMS for their use. By working closely with the SMEs and aligning their expertise with the leadership’s vision, we aimed to create a unified and streamlined approach to task execution at Titan Electric.


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Our Approach

The content primarily focused on navigating complex software programs utilized in the electrical construction industry. Recognizing the intricate nature of these programs, we determined that an optimal approach for knowledge acquisition would involve a combination of video-based instruction and software simulations. By presenting learners with instructional videos outlining the step-by-step procedures, followed by hands-on practice in simulated software environments, we aimed to enhance interactivity, engagement, and ultimately facilitate a higher level of knowledge transfer to on-the-job performance.

To ensure a systematic and cohesive delivery of the content, we began by creating storyboards for each module, outlining the flow and structure of the instructional materials. Leveraging software tools such as OBS and Camtasia, we meticulously recorded and edited comprehensive “How To” videos that provided learners with a comprehensive view of the processes involved. These videos served as an invaluable resource, enabling learners to gain a thorough understanding of the procedures before attempting to perform them independently.

To augment the learning experience, we also developed supplementary materials. A job aid PDF was created, which could be printed and utilized as a handy reference guide in real-world scenarios. Additionally, we provided links back to the instructional videos for learners to review specific steps or reinforce their understanding. To further enhance comprehension, voiceovers were incorporated into the instructional materials, providing additional guidance and clarification throughout the learning process.

By employing a combination of instructional videos, software simulations, supplementary resources, and comprehensive audiovisual elements, our approach aimed to deliver a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for the learners. The integration of these elements aimed to optimize knowledge retention, promote skill development, and facilitate seamless application of acquired knowledge in practical, on-the-job situations.



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Interactivity Level

Level 3 Simulation: Data input
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