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“Performance is about factors such as culture, mission, workflow, goals, environment, knowledge, and skills all working together to produce something that is valuable to the consumer.”

-Dent & Anderson, 2000


Are you tired of witnessing your customers’ frustration? Do you find tasks left incomplete and growth opportunities slipping away? It’s time to take charge and ignite your business expansion!


At Jack Pine L&D, we understand the pains of losing customers and the obstacles that come with scaling your business. We’re here to delve deep into the heart of your business needs and provide innovative solutions that make a real difference. 


Don’t settle for the status quo. Let us unlock your business’s full potential and pave the way for unparalleled success!



Dent, J.,Anderson, P. (2000). Fundamentals of HPI. Info-line, (9811), page 1. https://www.td.org/td-at-work/fundamentals-of-hpi

Learning & Development

We offer services in:

  • Custom eLearning development – gamification, microlearning, blended learning, and others
  • Human performance improvement system design
  • Program evaluation
  • Program modification – convert, update, and edit



Our Experience

We have worked with businesses in many different fields, including healthcare, food service, education, and others. See some of what we have worked on in our portfolio.

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