The Plate Method


Project Overview

  • Responsibilities: 

    • Analysis
    • Text storyboards
  • Target Audience:

    • Patient’s diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes 1, or Diabetes 2

  • Tools Used:

    • 7Taps


Problem & Solution

Newly diagnosed and previously diagnosed people with a form of diabetes struggled incorporating healthier diet choices to help manage their blood sugar. Some did not know about this food planning method to manage their diabetes.

I proposed a micro-learning course that would give them the basic information about the Plate Method of meal planning. This course would be available anytime and anywhere, accessible by any device. When seeing their doctor, a QR code to this course could be included on a handout about the importance of proper diet.


The first step was to identify the need-to-know information about the Plate Method. To do this, I researched on the American Diabetes Association’s website dedicated to the Plate Method. I then interviewed my SME, a doctor at the local clinic. After collecting all relevant information, I started on the storyboard.


I developed a text-based storyboard outlining each card. There are a total of 5 chapters, and a sixth chapter with additional resources. After receiving the sign-off for the storyboard, I created a prototype of the card design.


I included knowledge checks to increase the confidence of the learners as they moved through the cards.

The GIFs were included to make the learning more light-hearted. The doctor noted that some patients struggle with the news that they are pre-diabetic or diabetic. The thought of completely changing their lifestyles around food can be intimidating.





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