The Challenge

Amy sought to amplify the adoption of her product line tailored for parents and children. Identifying pain points, she recognized that workshop participants lacked the ability to fully utilize the products at home. Additionally, potential customers lacked awareness regarding the benefits and practical applications of these offerings.

To address these challenges, we devised a solution: the creation of concise and engaging “How To” videos. These videos would provide a succinct overview of the product’s value proposition while offering practical usage suggestions.

During our initial meeting, we determined that there should be five distinct videos, each aligned with the flow of the workshop. To ensure optimal audience engagement, I proposed videos ranging from 2 to 3 minutes in duration, incorporating voiceover, closed captioning, and minimal on-screen text.

By executing this strategy, we aimed to empower customers with the knowledge and confidence needed to utilize Amy’s products effectively. Through concise yet compelling videos, we sought to bridge the gap between in-person workshops and the seamless implementation of the products within the home environment.

Our Approach

After our initial meeting, I developed a project plan approved by Amy. With a clear scope in place, I designed opener and closer templates for her videos, saving time and ensuring a professional look.

Upon receiving assets, I distilled relevant information and chose a whiteboard explainer style in line with her brand. A storyboard with character ideas was created, refined with her input, and then followed by character design and animation.

Using Affinity Designer, I hand-drew charming stick figure characters with transparent backgrounds for seamless integration. These were animated in Doodly. The final assets, including Doodly and other elements, were edited in Camtasia. Music and sound assets were added, and the video was exported smoothly.

Throughout, I maintained open communication, incorporating feedback. After revisions, I uploaded the final videos to Amy’s YouTube channel and provided guidance for future edits.

In summary, my process included planning, template design, curation, character creation, animation, editing, and seamless delivery. This ensured an engaging video series for Amy’s audience.



Five videos showcasing each product with guides on how to use them.


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