Rising to Sushi Success: A Fresh Onboarding and Interactive Job Aid


The Challenge

In response to the client’s request, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign of their onboarding program, transitioning it from MS Excel to a more intuitive and captivating format. Our goal was to create a user-friendly and engaging platform that aligns with the American learning culture, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for Spanish-speaking staffers through Spanish translation.

Given the time constraints and moderate budget, we carefully considered all technical specifications to support our mission of delivering effective learning methods. Recognizing that employees would be using tablets during their shifts to complete training modules, we optimized the platform for seamless tablet compatibility and intuitive navigation.

Throughout the project, we remained dedicated to providing a solution that not only met the client’s requirements but also surpassed their expectations. By incorporating a user-friendly interface, cultural customization, Spanish translation, and robust technical support, we aimed to create a transformative onboarding experience that maximizes learning outcomes and enhances employee engagement.

Kitchen Onboarding Mockup
Example Page - Noodles Kura
Food Manual Menu - Noodles Kura
REecipe Job Aid - Noodles Kura
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Our Approach

To address the specific needs of the onboarding process, our team recognized the importance of a customized learning experience that maximizes value and fosters understanding. With this objective in mind, we determined that Articulate Rise would be the ideal platform for delivering the training program.

By leveraging Articulate Rise, we aimed to create a seamless learning environment where new employees can access instructions related to recipes, station setup, and cleaning effortlessly through their tablet devices. Our intention is to provide clear and concise guidance, ensuring that each employee understands the expectations placed upon them.

With this approach, we strive to optimize the onboarding process, empowering new employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. By offering a user-friendly and accessible platform, we aim to enhance comprehension, streamline training delivery, and set the stage for a successful integration into the organization.


Articulate Rise modules
Translation of each course to Spanish

Technical Information

HPI Intervention Categories


Tools and Platforms

Articulate Rise
Affinity Designer
Affinity Photo
Google Suite

Interactivity Level

Level 2: Limited Interactivity
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Simple transitions
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