Bandlab DAW Unit


Project OverviewCover page of Bandlab 101 curriculum

  • Responsibilities:

    • Learning design

    • Graphic design

    • Script

    • Evaluation creation

    • SME

  • Target Audience:

    • Grades 6-12  music students

  • Tools Used:

    • Microsoft Word

    • Snipping Tool

    • Google Drive

    • Google Slide

    • Google Forms

    • Canva

    • BandLab


Problem & Solution

The ISD 166 music department needed a curriculum designed to incorporate music technology, composition, and analysis to meet state and national standards. The department did not have a budget for additional software programs or hardware, and must be compatible with Chromebooks.

My proposal was to use BandLab, an online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that was compatible for Chromebooks, free to use, and did not require additional hardware like a MIDI keyboard. A facilitator’s guide would help the teacher lead the class through the unit.



A full system design document was developed for this project, using the Dick and Carey model. Since this is large curriculum development, this in-depth analysis and design document was necessary to ensure each skill was appropriately covered to reach the end goal of creating a song in the DAW.


After completing each step in the Dick and Carey model, the development of the program began. I used Canva to create the facilitator’s guide. Each module contains descriptions of what the facilitator must prepare ahead of time, what slides will be available in the Google Slide deck, suggested topics of discussion, and other instructions. The unit is split into five modules, with a final project at the end synthesizing all the modules into a final song.




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