Gamification: Universi-tea Bingo

The Challenge

Based on my experience as a team lead for a tea business, I developed a concept project to address the lack of interactivity and engagement in the onboarding process for new hires. The existing method involved a traditional binder that employees had to read, requiring the constant guidance of a team lead or store manager.

To enhance the onboarding experience, I proposed transforming the training into an eLearning program. This design incorporated interactive elements and gamification features, such as assessments and practice exercises. By integrating gamification, the aim was to boost the new team members’ engagement, improve information retention, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge onto the sales floor.

Our Approach

The project incorporated game-based learning (GBL) principles, leveraging the motivational power of games to enhance learner engagement and knowledge transfer. The game aimed to achieve an 80% success rate in correctly identifying teas based on their characteristics. It focused on the top 24 best-selling teas to provide a strong foundation for sales. Real-world customer scenarios were integrated into the game, allowing learners to practice matching customer preferences with tea selections. The game design considered the company’s brand style guide and included clear instructions and visual effects to create an immersive and professional learning experience.

Question Screen

Example question

Slide Layers

Snapshot of layers to build game

Main Game Screen
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Technical Information

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Tools and Platforms

Articulate Storyline
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Interactivity Level

Level 2: Limited Interactivity
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