About Jack Pine Learning

Mikkel Haas

Owner/Learning Designer

Hey there! I come from the cozy town of Hutchinson, Minnesota. But you know what? Lately, I've been chasing my dreams and exploring new horizons. From the breathtaking landscapes of Grand Marais, I've now found myself in the lively city of Bemidji. Life's an adventure, and I'm all about embracing it!

Back in 2013, I proudly waved goodbye to college life, clutching my hard-earned Bachelor's in Education. It was a milestone that marked the beginning of an exciting journey. Fast forward to 2016, and guess what? I dived headfirst into the education world, rocking it as a music educator. Yeah, that's right—I was the one behind the scenes, designing and facilitating some seriously cool music curriculum. Making learning fun was my jam!

But here's the thing—along the way, something magical happened. I got this crazy fascination for the design and development side of learning. Don't get me wrong, being a teacher was rewarding, but the real thrill came from crafting mind-blowing learning experiences. So, in 2020, I made a bold move and joined Purdue University's Learning Design and Technology Master's degree program. Talk about leveling up!


For months on end, I immersed myself in this world of cutting-edge educational techniques and mind-boggling technologies. It was like discovering a treasure trove of epic ideas! And guess what? I aced the program like a boss, wrapping it all up in August 2022. I emerged armed with some seriously awesome learning design and tech skills.

Now I'm on a mission to unleash the full potential of learning and development in the business world. Imagine this—creating mind-blowing learning experiences that spark epic performance growth. It's all about empowering minds and making L&D a wild adventure!